mHealth Solutions

Our Vision

Intasol’s mHealth Solutions vision

To assist healthcare professionals by providing the interactive tools necessary to more accurately educate, diagnosis, treatment and manage patients. This is done through enhanced mobile health services and technologies.

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Your customers have many more choices for healthcare services. Can you deliver on their terms—where and when they expect it, while maintaining costs?

Let us help you combine healthcare delivery with the latest in mobile healthcare technology.

What We Do

HCP/ Patient Engagement Platforms
Digital / Strategic Engagement Programs
Digital Metrics / Analytics
Brand Development 
Marketing Strategy
Content Development / Communication
Website Creative – Research & Design
Brand Ideation / Creation
Naming, Strategy, Brand Extensions (over 2000 naming assignments completed)

HCP’s know now that patients want to play a more active role in their care – from choosing who provides it to evaluating the quality of its delivery.  The pharmaceutical company’s challenge is to meet those demands while controlling costs.  Intasol’s mHealth Solutions is redefining customer engagement.  Contact US Today   908-625-3761